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    3. Welcome to visit Qingdao Tiangong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. Official website
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      Qingdao Tiangong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.
      Qingdao Tiangong Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturing company engaged in research and development, manufacturing, installation and service of foundry machinery in China. Major production foundry clay sand, resin sand, sodium silicate sand, coated sand and other complete sets of sand treatment equipment; production of cold and hot core box sand, coated sand used sand thermal regeneration complete sets of equipment; production of negative pressure moulding line to provide a complete set of technology and equipment, the company has strong technical force, gathered a large number of senior R&D and design personnel and equipment. Experienced production, installation, commissioning service professionals, and closely cooperate with relevant domestic colleges and universities and scientific research institutions, in order to achieve the fastest development speed, can provide users with high quality, excellent performance, the most competitive casting equipment and technology.

      Through years of innovation and development, the company has successfully provided a large number of sand treatment equipment for well-known domestic and foreign automatic moulding line manufacturers, such as New East, Tokyo, Guangyang, Denmark, Disha, Baodingville, Suzhou Casting Machine, Wuxi Huapei and so on, and won the unanimous praise of customers.

      Tiangong Company will adhere to the enterprise concept of "people-oriented, quality-based business, sincere service", with first-class products, satisfactory service, wish you great success, join hands in creating a new era of foundry industry! uuuuuuuuuu

      The company undertakes the following projects:

      1.20-200t/h turnkey engineering and single machine supporting equipment of mechanized clay sand treatment production line.

      2. Turn-key project of cold-hardened resin sand mechanized production line with annual production of 1000-20000t castings.

      3. Turn-key project of thermal coated sand production line with annual output of 1000-6000t.

      4. Provide turnkey projects for cold and hot core box sand, coated sand and thermal regeneration production line.

      5. Provide "V" vacuum negative pressure moulding technology and equipment.

      6. Production of various environmental protection dust removal equipment and casting shot blasting cleaning equipment.

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